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For all controlled drugs, the prescription must also specify the intervals between refills. For benzodiazepines and other targeted substances, refills are permitted for written and verbal prescriptions. The prescription with any refills is valid for only one year from the date it was issued. The use of intermediaries e. The prescribing dentist is responsible for ensuring accurate information is transmitted to the pharmacy.


It is recommended that dentists communicate verbal prescriptions themselves. If this is not possible, the dentist should consider asking a staff person who has an understanding of the drug and indication to communicate the prescription information, unless the prescription is a refill. Pharmacists are responsible for confirming the authenticity of each prescription, which may require direct confirmation with the prescriber before the prescription is filled.

Dentists who practise in Ontario may prescribe for any of their patients, including those who live outside of Ontario. However, whether the prescription will be accepted and filled by a pharmacist outside of Ontario depends on the jurisdictional requirements of that province or country. Dentists are able to order drugs for office use, including antimicrobials, analgesics, sedatives and medical emergency drugs. There is no provision for dentists or their staff to access in-office supplies of drugs that normally require a prescription for their own use or by their family members.

Dentists should take reasonable precautions to prevent the unauthorized use of in-office supplies of drugs by staff and other individuals with access to the office.

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This is usually done if a drug is necessary for the immediate treatment of a patient, in an emergency or where the services of a pharmacist are not readily available. In most cases, dentists should dispense no more than a three-day supply of a drug. Normally, the drug is dispensed at no charge. If the dentist charges the patient, the fee must be the actual cost of the drug.

A drug should be dispensed in a CSA-approved child-resistant package that is labelled with the following information:. Dentists must maintain a drug register. The register must record and account for all opioids and other narcotics, controlled drugs, benzodiazepines and targeted substances that are kept on-site. Dentists must take adequate steps to protect opioids and other narcotics, controlled drugs, benzodiazepines and targeted substances in their possession from loss or theft.

Dentists should avoid storing drugs in any other location, including their homes, and never leave drug containers unattended or in plain view.

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If there are no appropriate or reasonably available alternatives, the benefits of prescribing an opioid must be weighed against its potential risks, especially when used long-term. When prescribing opioids, dentists must be alert for behaviour that suggests patients are experiencing problems with the appropriate use of opioids or have an opioid use disorder. Heartworm tests are current for one year. Prescriptions must be faxed to the office from the pharmacy.

No written scripts are available. Prescriptions will be done within business days. Due to our appointment schedule we are not able to provide a script on the spot. This fee may be waived if using our recommended pharmacy.

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The Doctor has the right to refuse a script to any pharmacy they feel is disreputable or may pose a threat to their license. The Doctors have invested time and money into their profession. It is the intent of our staff to safeuard the health of our patients as well as the Doctors liability. Any client having been found to obtain a prescription to be used at a pharmacy that the doctor asks not to be used, will be dismissed from this business and may face legal action should an issue arise with the action.


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