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What we can say is that there is a tendency for that principle to be true 1 when there is a close connection between the generic term and what it names, that connection being close in that way that there is little or no evolution in the number of elements named and that they form a compact whole, 2 or when the name is the proprietary name of a product or the proper name of a product. Surely because "M" or any letter doesn't have a gender, and in French grammar, masculine wins if doubt yeah old rules.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. I don't understand why the gender of the word "consonne" would be related to the gender of individual letters.

Abrégé de la grammaire de saint Augustin

If you say "le lait est une boisson" it doesn't suggest that "lait" should be feminine even though "boisson" is. Moyli Le lait est un breuvage, un liquide. TLFi Rem.

I have no answer to the why question though. Letters were likely already masculine in ancient French but feminine in Latin. There is no common usage among Romance languages: In Italian, letters can be used either in masculine or feminine gender. In Spanish and Catalan, letters are feminine. In Portuguese and Romanian letters are masculine. Apr 1 at AzirisMorora or un signe , but lettre is really what they are always called.

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Elle a pris une hache. Dimitris Dimitris 8, 2 2 gold badges 7 7 silver badges 30 30 bronze badges. The notes de musique should be listed as exceptions to "1" in your answer. Epistol Epistol 1.

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It can be argued letters probably already had a gender before being used as mathematics constant or anything else. If you have this book go ahead and post it here and your listing will appear for all students at your school who have classes requiring this specific book.

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