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Gerd Masselink. Phil Owens. The Tectonic Plates are Moving! Roy Livermore. An Introduction to the Meteorology and Climate of the Tropics. Rifts and Passive Margins. The Field Description of Igneous Rocks.

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Ganpat Singh Roonwal. Donna Meyerhoff Hull. Sepetinizi inceleyiniz. Tectonic Globaloney Closing Arguments ile N. Christian Smoot. Forty-five years after the synthesis of the plate tectonic hypothesis, much newer and better information has been gathered by the seagoers of the world. Contrary to popular opinion among earth scientists, the purveyors of plate tectonics are the present-day snake oil salesmen.

This null hypothesis is fraught with misinformation and misconceptions. It is in need of a massive make-over. Midocean ridge spreading does not occur universally, especially in Iceland and the North Pacific basin. Deep earthquakes do not define a descending slab; in fact, do not even occur in most places along the trenches. Therefore, subduction does not occur.

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Continental drift is a figment of overly active imaginations, and Gondwana is an even greater figment. India has been in place for several billion years rather than wandering around. Index fossils like Lystrosaurus and Cynognathus are misused, misdated, and show nothing.