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I found the one I was looking for on the bottom level, which was basically in the basement. The outside light was on, and for some reason that made me nervous. What would I do then? Taking a deep breath and letting it out, I started down the stairs and rang the bell. I heard some rustling inside before the curtain parted and someone glanced out at me.

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I caught sight of a bearded face and glasses, before the door opened a crack. I have a letter for you. I would have held my hands to my ears if it had done any good. A yellow cab like that will draw attention. Quick, before someone notices. Just read the damn letter and tell me your answer! Please…I just need you to take what Manetto wants back with you. You can give it to him for me. I paid the cabbie, giving him an extra twenty for a tip, and hustled back to the apartment.

Warren waited at the top of the stairs, watching up and down the street until I came back. He ushered me into the apartment, locking and bolting the door behind us. He had stashed all his cash along with his passport and ID in the freezer.

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With great reluctance, he tore open the envelope and pulled out the letter. As he read, I heard the words in his mind. The lovely woman delivering this letter is Shelby Nichols. Yours…etc…Joe E.

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Warren glanced at me and licked his lips. Should be a piece of cake. Home About Shelby. Shelby Nichols Consulting I'm so good it's almost like I can read minds. Stay updated via RSS. Like this: Like Loading All posts or comments may be used in future novels. I would recommend this book to anyone without hesitation, it is not to be missed. I think Colleen Helme has the potential of being another modern day Agatha Christie.

Usually, I am in real trouble with a Shelby Nichols book for exceeding my reading budget, and losing sleep! As I have been travelling for a living for over four years, normally I need good books to keep me company on long airplane flights. With Secrets That Kill, I was looking for some more long flights, just so I could spend more time listening to the book!

Wendy Tremont King has now established herself as the quintessential Shelby Nichols. King is her understated realism. When she does Ramos's voice, or Uncle Joey's voice, you get the downplayed shift to a deeper more masculine voice, but more importantly you get the menace, the coldness, and the intonations that come with the different personalities. In a narrated audio book, I believe that there must be a symphony between the writer and the narrator. If the voices are not real and believable, the listener's attention could wander.

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I classify this as "not to be missed". There is a new element in this 4th book in the Shelby Nichols Adventure series: Romance. When a favor to drop off a letter for Uncle Joey goes murderously wrong, Shelby is stuck in Orlando with Ramos. Well, not exactly stuck, but wanting to help him. The temperature climbs to the boiling point between these two. Can Shelby's love and loyalty for husband Chris win out?

This story delves deep into Ramos's past, and we get a lot of back story for him, but the sizzle between Shelby and Ramos goes off the scale. Yes, the book is still PG rated and this audio story is suitable for tweens and teens as well as mature audiences. You really don't want to miss this one. In the way that Helme brings out the nuances and details of her characters, in her wonderful chain of consciousness style, in the interaction between Ramos and Shelby, this book is a knock it out of the park slam dunk home run of a novel, without doubt Helme's best to date.

So the good news is, this is a fabulous 5 star addition to the collection, and the bad news is like the chicken and the pig scenario, I find myself committed. Which means that like the ham and eggs, I am very definitely not the involved hen, I am the committed pig - to the series.

Secrets That Kill: A Shelby Nichols Adventure, Volume 4 (Unabridged)

If Helme pens it, if King narrates it, I'm all in. I'll buy it. Want something great to listen to on your summer holidays? Need that great new book while driving to keep you focused? Secrets That Kill is the audio book you need. This is the fourth of the Shelby Nichols novels and I've listened to them all. Unfortunately the number of implausible situations woven into the narrative came close to ruining the listening experience. In the end the characters were enough to pull out a four rating and a recommendation from me despite professional thugs and criminals not thinking of contingency plans.

These are purportedly warriors not common street criminals; come on. Hopefully Ms Helme will tighten up on some of the holes in the plot; this is a very entertaining series and i'd like to continue enjoying the listening experience. This is undoubtedly the best story so far. It focuses on Shelby and Ramos and it is hot, sassy, and dangerous. If I could I'd give it 10 stars! Would you consider the audio edition of Secrets That Kill to be better than the print version?

Not ever read the print but in my opinion this series is great on audio! Who was your favorite character and why? He is starting to really like Shelby and he shouldn't because.. This one puts them together a lot and you get to see some of that chemistry between them and Ramos has fun with it. She is Shelby and does a great job, but she also does a decent job with the male voices as well. If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be? Reading minds can be hazardous to your health.

Any additional comments? I thought Lie or Die was great but Secrets that Kill is by far my favorite one of the series and that is really mainly due to Ramos. That man could come and be my body guard any day You get a little bit more of Ramos back story in this one and that is really one of the main reason I love this one.

Thoroughly enjoying these audio books. Love the characters especially the relationship between Shelby and Ramos. This book helps to develop Ramos' personality and history.

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It was entertaining and showed the soft side of the hardened hit man. A very good addition to the series. Fleshes out Ramos a lot. A little change of scene for this one, keeping the series fresh. When she tries to deliver the letter to Warren Peace, the informant, she winds up almost getting killed. After Warren gets killed with a meat cleaver by a man with snake bite tattoos, Shelby acquires the notice of the local cop and has to call Ramos in to save her butt.

Unfortunately for her or maybe fortunately , Ramo turns out to have grown up in Orlando and has a dark past that somehow involves the local detective who noticed Shelby. I was looking for something fun and adventurous. This was just what I needed. More Beauty products. More Books products. More Electronics products. More Kitchen products. More Office Products products. More Sporting Goods products. More Toys products. OMR 3.