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Why are we leading with that? While she cares greatly for people and doing everything she can to enrich their learning and development experiences, it was that subscale coupled with a few others that brought her to a crashing halt personally and professionally almost 5 years ago. After extensive soul searching and the support of some incredible people in her personal and professional life, Liz decided it was time to do things differently and to honor her strengths. She left an organization she believed would be her forever employer, and decided to pursue work that she can now do her way, every day.

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Liz currently works with a local Vancouver Leadership Development Firm — and she also runs her own learning development business eKlein Learning Design Inc. Her coaching practice is focused on helping people live, work and lead in integrity. She is also a proud mama of her fur baby, Miss Dixie Green, and spends her down time relaxing with her husband on their 3.

Deanna Deacon Divine Feminine Empowerment www. September , Intuitive Leadership As a woman in a leadership and influencer role you likely suffer from decision fatigue due to constantly having to solve other people's problems and make the correct decision every day.

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Define your life and enhance your self, your business and create your extraordinary life. Working with Donna a wealth creation and mindset guidance coach, over the next 12 months, will inspire you, motivate you, launch you and your business with RESULTS!!! This is a system and you will find out how you can have it all. Sometimes the emotions are suppressed so deeply you are unable to recognise the cells of certainty to expose your cause and affect.

PLUS we have some hidden bonuses for you……. Creating your ripple effect relies on having full expansion of self across all areas of your life.

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  • Your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual frequency alignment is what creates your ripple effect!! The importance of this vibrational energy alignment as one source provides your successes and development in your business. Energy can work against other energies in your soul creating a vibrational scramble.

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    The formulas provided in this coaching are closely related to the outcomes you desire. Participation in this coaching is a MUST to create the desired results. This coaching program allows you to free your soul as you find expansion within your life, raising your energy frequency, honouring your higher self, and, executing a deeper level emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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    You have enabled the frequency button to attract your ideal client? Is your frequency button on to open your flow to seize the opportunities, transform and create intention and certainty for you and your business. This coaching presents the blueprint for you project your successes limitlessly.

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    Contact me for a consultation to provide you with the results and we will work together. Spaces in this program are very limited ensure you receive personalised attention. Register here. If you would like to find out more before registering please enter your details below. Is your business Surviving and Thriving. Or is it diving into the dark depths of overwhelm and despair.